Breathing Exercises


Why these breathing exercises?

Breathing is one of the most basic necessities of human life, so it’s easy to think we all have mastered it since birth, right? Well, yes, but not entirely. Different breathing techniques have all sorts of health benefits, from reducing anxiety, lowering blood pressure, increasing cardiovascular health, boosting stamina, and more! In this app, we have multiple breathing exercises for various purposes.

Why these breathing exercises?

Here is a list of each breathing exercise offered:

1. 7/11 Breathing: This is a general deep breathing exercise intended to allow oneself to regain composure and focus in nearly any situation. In this exercise, you will inhale deeply for 7 seconds, and exhale for 11. USE IF YOU WANT: focus, stress relief.

2. Pursed Lip Breathing: This will allow you to slow down and control the pace of your breathing by applying extra effort to each breath. By pursing your lips when exhaling, it slows your exhale, which can help in cases of hyperventilating and short breaths. USE IF YOU WANT: to counteract hyperventilation, steady breathing, relaxation.

3. Coherent Breathing: Coherent breathing is a tool to manage heart rate variability (HRV). If you feel your heart racing or beating irregularly, especially due to stress or anxiety, this is a good tool to get it back to normal. For this exercise, breathe in so long as the indicator says “Inhale” (for a length of 5 seconds) and breathe out when it says “Exhale” (for a length of 5 seconds). USE IF YOU WANT: to manage a pounding heartbeat, reduce anxiety, focus, improve your mood.


Scroll down to the app section at the bottom of the page and select the tab for the breathing exercise you want to try. Follow the directions in the given tab to get started, and don’t forget to breathe!