How to help MARCo

MARCo Technologies LLC. is a brand new and growing company, and MARCo itself is an ever-improving technology. There are several opportunities to help this technology grow and get out into the world even faster so that anyone who needs a MARCo can have one. Anyone can help MARCo improve and grow, but if you are a licensed mental healthcare professional (such as counselor, therapist, psychologist, etc.) we would be interested in using your knowledge to help us expand MARCo's capabilities. Please go to the second section if you are a licensed mental healthcare professional.

MARCo Technologies has some great financial hurdles it will need to overcome in order to get MARCo out to production, including an FDA regulation process, hiring full-time staff members, setting up manufacturing capabilities, and much more. We have set up a GoFundMe page to help fund some of these expenses, via this link: Any donation made is incredibly valueable to us and greatly appreciated. Additionally, donations made put you up in line for MARCo merchandise and potentially a MARCo of your own in the future. If you would not like to make a donation, there are still ways you can help! If you know someone who is a mental healthcare professional, represent an organization or office that is interested in a partnership, or have some other way you think you might be able to help us, feel free to contact us at

Mental Healthcare Professionals:
MARCo is an artificially intelligent robot capable of high level treatments such as CBT to straightforward empathy for its companions. However, with all artificial intelligence, MARCo is only as intelligent as the individuals who train it. Thus, we are keen on obtaining "training data", such as transcripts of counseling sessions or sample conversations, that can help improve MARCo's understanding of its companions' situations as well as provide more natural and proper responses. We are looking for licensed mental healthcare professionals who would be willing to provide us such training data (with all personal identifiers removed for anonymity and protection of patient information), or would be willing to test early versions of MARCo's software to verify that its responses are correct for given situations. In return, you would be given credit towards obtaining your own MARCo for your practice or office, as well as being put first in line to receive the first trial units if applicable. Please email if you are interested.

Thank you!