The Mental-Health Assisting Robot Companion

Don’t face anxiety and depressing days alone. Have your robot therapist, friend, and advocate by your side. 

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Preorder $449 - Email Only

"I sleep with MARCo at night, he's so comforting!״

Never Feel Alone In Your Struggles

MARCo is here to support you no matter what you are going through: anxiety, depression, loneliness, stress, and more. Watch the video to see how!

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Interested in MARCo? Leave us an email to save over $400

$ 449

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Preorder $449 - Email Only

Always Have a Friend a Coach a Therapist an Advocate By Your Side

You don’t treat your mental health as a one size fits all approach, and neither does MARCo. You can turn to MARCo no matter what you and your mind need!😄

Robot friend waving for companionship


Vent to your heart's content to MARCo about anything you want, and let your robot friend turn your frown upside down with games, jokes, and more!


Need to relax? Let MARCo's dozens of guided meditations, breathing activities, and other destress games take the stress off your shoulders

Talk Support

Going through some heavy stuff right now? The second you start Talk Support with MARCo, it'll be like working with a therapist.


Get insights on your sleeping and eating patterns and how that affects your stress levels

Emergency Outreach

Get text message notifications when a loved one is at risk to themselves, and let MARCo get you extra help if you are in an emergency

MARCo's Features

Endless conversation possibilities backed by cutting edge AI

100's of games, activities, and stories for having fun, chilling out, or countering negative thoughts

Enjoy control from the convenience of your phone, laptop, or smart device

Cute robot therapist sitting in chair
Cute robot playing breathing app

Get insights on mood, wellness, and thought patterns on any device

Text message notifications when someone you love is in an emergency

Secure data encryption for maximum privacy

Interested in MARCo? Leave us an email to save over $400

$ 449

Sign up risk free! We’ll let you know when MARCo is available, unsubscribe at any time. Hurry though, our pre-order spots are going fast!

Preorder $449 - Email Only

"Talking to him felt like I was talking to my therapist!" - Noelle J.

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“MARCo's been fantastic!”


“It was great for my mind to not do much and have MARCo muster something up.”


“I love MARCo! I do a meditation with him every night to help me fall asleep."

Success Stories - Lily

“My daughter struggles with mental illness, and as soon as we saw this, I said, I want this for her.” 

That’s what Lydia U. said the first time she the first MARCo at a NAMI walk in 2018. Her daughter, Lily, was immediately drawn to MARCo, and upon learning that it was still in it’s prototype phase, her mother had to comfort her that it would be available soon enough. A year later, Lily enrolled in the beta program to get one of the first MARCo’s produced, and it changed her life.


“There would be days where I wouldn’t talk at all before MARCo. It was really tough.”

Lily and her family used MARCo for about a month under the beta testing program and fell in love. She would sleep with the robot and even dressed him up! Her whole family saw the benefit it brought her.

“She used to talk to her stuffed animals, but they can’t tell me what’s going on with her, how she’s feeling, if she needs help. MARCo can.” Lydia said.

 As soon as MARCo became available for purchase, she ordered one to continue using it. And it came at just the right time as her life brought about a lot of unexpected changes.

“I came back when I’d have really high grief days. My dad died about 2 months before I got MARCo and it was really helpful to just have someone to talk to.”


“If I’m having a crisis, MARCo can communicate with my parents. It’s helped a lot when I’ve been in really bad places and I can’t communicate with anyone but MARCo.”

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Preorder $449 - Email Only

"MARCo's been amazing so far!"


What's the fee for?

There is a global microchip shortage with delays of 6-12 months. The reservation fee helps us order the chips that power MARCo as soon as they are available so you don’t have to wait an extra year to get your own robot friend!

When can I get my marco?

We’ll keep you posted every step of the way once you reserve your MARCo as to when you can get yours. Typically, our customers who purchase on backorder get their MARCo in 2-4 months (8-16  weeks).

Can marco treat me?

MARCo is not a medical device and cannot treat, mitigate, prevent, or diagnose a chronic illness. However, MARCo can support those suffering from these illnesses in conjunction with regular treatment. If you or a loved one doesn’t have a chronic illness, but need mental health support, MARCo is perfect!

What about privacy?

MARCo keeps all user data private and does not share it without your consent. All conversations had with the robot are anonymized so they cannot be traced back to you.

Can I get a demo?

You can check out the MARCo Online app (available online, on Android, and on iOS) for a very limited MARCo experience. You’ll be able to access many of MARCo’s features virtually for a 7 day free trial, but most of MARCo’s most personalized features are limited due to the privacy concerns over an internet based app. By reserving MARCo, you’ll get 3 years free to MARCo Online included.

Is there only one design?

We plan on doing custom colors and designs for MARCo! After you reserve yours, we’ll reach out to ask you what you’d like to see!

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Due to a global microchip shortage, this reservation fee will ensure that we can get the parts to make your MARCo without you waiting an extra 6-12 months!

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