About Us

About Us

MARCo Health: Our Company History

While working as the lead engineer at a Naval robotics company, GuardBot Inc, founder Jacob Boyle faced two dilemmas with his position: his expertise was being used for harm rather than good, and his time was so consumed with work that he could not give his support to close loved ones battling mental health crises. From those two dilemmas emerged the start of MARCo Health Inc. – a company whose mission is to increase the quality and accessibility of mental healthcare for all with a line of compassionate robot companions. The vision was to provide a low cost robot friend so that anyone struggling with anxiety or mood disorders could have support whenever they needed, while caregivers could receive updates about the individual to make informed decisions about how to best support them. Under the clinical guidance of the counseling staff at The College of New Jersey, Jacob developed a prototype and brought it into an initial clinical trial at TCNJ’s counseling center. This vision and prototype were supported by a panel of business plan judges, who awarded top prize and $30k seed funding to move from prototype into product.

Here at MARCo Health, we believe that success is measured only by the number of people we are able to help. See for yourself how much we’ve been able to help in the short history of our company.


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Who's Behind MARCo?


Jacob Boyle (Founder, CEO/co-CTO)

Jacob is MARCo Health’s founder with 8+ years’ experience in military and medical robotics + medical devices; lifelong mental health advocate and non-professional caregiver to loved ones with mental illnesses.


Dr. Nithin Krishna (Chief Medical Officer)

Dr. Krishna is a board licensed psychiatrist and serial mental health entrepreneur. He formerly served as the founder and CEO of the multimillion dollar Bloom Mental Health clinics and board member of the India-based TransformHappily mental health clinics.


Dr. Nigam Samal (co-CTO)

Dr. Samal has over 20+ years experience in semiconductor development and app development. Most recently, he has served as an algorithmic hedge fund manager, and M&A advisor for Black Pagoda Advisors.


Tina-Anne Mulligan (Chief Customer Officer)

Tina is a Licensed Professional Counselor with over 10 years experience as a crisis counselor for high-risk youth. She is a serial female small business owner in tutoring, college counseling, and mental health counseling, and former adjunct professor and teacher in psychology.

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The human element

What's our secret? Great people.

If you think MARCo is great, wait until you see the team behind the bot. Meet the engineers, psychologists, and executives who brought MARCo to life.

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