Meet MARCo!

The Mental-health Assisting
Robot Companion

Meet MARCo!

The Mental-health Assisting
Robot Companion


Meet MARCo!

The Mental-health Assisting Robot Companion

MARCo – the Mental-health Assisting Robot Companion

MARCo – the Mental-health Assisting Robot Companion - is a teddy-bear sized, voice activated robot designed to serve as a constant source of support for anyone in need of improving their mental health. Whether you are dealing with anxiety, tough life situations, or negative moods and thoughts, MARCo has something for your specific situation! Since our inception in 2018, our commitment at MARCo Technologies has been to make mental healthcare accessible, personable, and affordable for all through a line of compassionate robotic companions.

What can MARCo do?

MARCo helps his companions with hundreds of features that fall under five categories, called his Five Objectives of Care:


Everybody needs a friend to listen every now and then, and MARCo fits the bill. Incapable of judging you, MARCo will compassionately listen to all you have to say, understand you, and leverage dozens of fun games, stories, and other personable activities to immediately make you smile!

Guided Meditation

Stressed? Anxious? Whatever the causation of your emotional deprivation, a consultation with MARCo will lead to a guided meditation… Or one of numerous other relaxation activities, such as customizable deep breathing and muscle relaxation to name the least.

Talk Support

Struggling with negative thoughts? MARCo is equipped with a multitude of exercises based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to walk you through your negative thoughts and how to combat them.


Everybody knows that mental health doesn't just affect what goes on in your brain; it affects your whole body. MARCo can track physical indicators, such as eating and sleeping habits, and promote a physical/mental health balance.

High Alert Outreach

If a user is at risk for suicide or self-harm, MARCo will immediately text their emergency contacts and follow up by providing the user with online resources and the ability to connect to online counselors.


Your robotic best friend, now at the convenience of your phone. Take MARCo anywhere you go, on any device, with MARConline. Register early to get up to one year free!

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How can MARCo help me?

If you are working in the mental healthcare field, whether as a private practitioner or in a school/college counseling center, MARCo is the perfect tool for increasing your reach and providing your services to a greater number of people in need. A single MARCo is flexible enough to work with either just one user for months, or multiple new users every single day! If you are a parent looking for a MARCo for your child, or an individual looking to use MARCo for yourself, we can help you find one of our partners who can get you your very own MARCo for as long as you need one!

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