All Students Deserve Mental Health Care

With MARCo - the Mental-Health Assisting Robot Companion - you can make sure they get it

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“MARCo is a wonderful new technology that really supports the mental health treatment of students, given the growing demand... I'm a big fan of this product.”
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Dr. Mark Forest
Director of Mental Health Services, The College of New Jersey

The MARCo Difference

Mental health support is not a one size fits all approach. Every student has unique challenges, and you can be ready to address all of them with MARCo's five methods of care:

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Everybody needs a friend to listen every now and then. Incapable of judging, MARCo will compassionately listen to all your students have to say and leverage dozens of fun games, stories, and other personable activities to bring out a smile!

Guided Meditation and Relaxation

Stressed? Anxious? A consultation with MARCo will lead to a guided meditation… Or one of numerous other relaxation activities.

Talk Support

MARCo is equipped with a multitude of exercises based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Behavioral Activation (BA) to walk your students through their negative thoughts and how to address them in healthy manners.


Mental health health doesn't just affect what goes on in our brains; it affects our whole bodies. MARCo can track physical indicators, such as eating and sleeping habits, and promote a physical/mental health balance.

High Alert Outreach

If a student is at risk for suicide or self-harm, MARCo will immediately text their emergency contacts and follow up by providing the student with online resources.

MARCo On Your Campus

By bringing MARCo to your campus, you will be able to improve your center for both staff and students. Click the cards below to see how!

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What's in a MARCo?

MARCo was designed from the ground up for whole person mental health support. Click on the MARCo in the center to see it in action!

Conversations come first

MARCo is here to talk and to listen to you. Vent as long as you'd like in MARCo's journals and engage in conversation as much or as little as you want.

tactile design

With a body made of plush fabric over stress foam and analog push buttons that make that pleasing "click" noise of fidget items, MARCo gives the user a comforting physical experience.

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Emotional Intelligence

Whether it is through conversation or the emotion recognizing camera in MARCo's nose, MARCo can understand your emotions and mirror your feelings through its expressive head and face.

One account to rule them all

Students just need one account to sync to every MARCo app and device isntantly, leading to an easy to pick up and seamless experience.

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