7 Mid-Year Mental Health Resolutions for 2023

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Imagine this: You’re halfway through the year, juggling a million things. But fear not, my friend, if you missed out on some of your resolutions for the year or only accomplished a few. We’ve got seven key points for you to focus on in the next few months, so you can feel satisfied with your achievements by the end of the year. And hey, here’s a scientifically proven method to help you out!

Choose a goal or habit that you’d like to develop and commit to doing it for 21 days straight in a month. Why 21 days? Well, it’s believed that this time frame allows your mind to settle into a rhythm, making it easier to maintain the positive habit. So go ahead and pick something that’s important to you from the list we have given, or you could also replace it with one of your own!

Mid Year Mental Health Resolutions 

June 21 Days Goal- Embrace Mindfulness in the Present Moment:

Alright, picture this: You’re surrounded by chaos, deadlines, and a never-ending to-do list. But hey, take a deep breath and bring yourself back to the present moment. Practice mindfulness by sitting quietly for a few minutes and letting go of those racing thoughts. Trust me, it’s like pressing the pause button on life’s craziness. And here are some easy steps to practice mindfulness: 

  • Pick a peaceful place where you can focus without any disturbances.
  • Sit in a relaxed position that feels good and supports your body.
  • Pay attention to your breathing, feeling each inhale and exhale.
  • Just let thoughts come and go without judging or holding onto them.
  • Connect with your senses, noticing the sensations in your body, sounds around you, and any smells or tastes.
  • If your mind wanders, gently bring it back to the present moment, focusing on your breath or senses.
  • Use cues like phone notifications or visual prompts to remind yourself to stay present and practice mindfulness.
  • Remember, mindfulness takes time and practice. Be gentle with yourself and approach each moment with a non-judgmental attitude.

By following these simple steps regularly for 21 days, you can cultivate mindfulness and bring more presence and awareness to your everyday life.

July 21 Days Goal- Prioritize Quality Sleep:

Let’s get real, my friend. We all know that feeling when we’re running on three cups of coffee and zero hours of sleep. It’s time to break free from that vicious cycle. Establish a relaxing bedtime routine that involves cozy pajamas, a cup of chamomile tea, and maybe even a bedtime story (yes, adults can enjoy those too!). Here are some steps to prioritize quality sleep: 

  • Stick to a consistent bedtime and wake-up time.
  • Establish a relaxing bedtime routine, like reading or taking a warm bath.
  • Limit screen time before bed to avoid the stimulating effects of blue light.
  • Create a sleep-friendly environment that is dark, quiet, and comfortable.
  • Cut back on caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol, as they can disrupt sleep.
  • Get regular exercise during the day, but avoid intense workouts close to bedtime.
  • Watch what you eat and drink, avoiding heavy meals and spicy foods before bed.
  • Manage stress with techniques like meditation or deep breathing exercises.
  • Invest in a comfortable mattress and pillow for better sleep quality.
  • Keep your sleep environment clean and clutter-free to promote relaxation.

By following these simple tips for 21 days, you can prioritize quality sleep and enjoy the benefits of improved rest and rejuvenation.

August 21 Days Goal- Cultivate Healthy Relationships:

Life is better when you have people to laugh with, cry with, and binge-watch cheesy sitcoms with. So, go ahead and nurture those connections. Plan a picnic with your favorite pals, have a heart-to-heart with your pet, or join a local book club where you can discuss the latest juicy reads. Remember, the more, the merrier! So, now how do we get this? Follow these steps: 

  • Engage in open and honest communication with your loved ones, expressing your feelings and actively listening to theirs
  • Put yourself in others’ shoes, seeking to understand their perspectives and emotions without judgment.
  • Give your full attention when others are speaking, showing genuine interest and reflecting back what you hear to ensure understanding.
  • Establish healthy boundaries to maintain personal well-being and respect in relationships.
  • Dedicate uninterrupted time to spend with loved ones, engaging in activities that foster connection and enjoyment.
  • Let go of grudges and practice forgiveness to cultivate understanding and emotional healing in relationships.
  • Regularly express your appreciation for the people in your life and acknowledge the positive impact they have on you.
  • Encourage and support the personal and professional growth of your loved ones, celebrating their achievements and offering assistance when needed.
  • Address conflicts calmly and respectfully, focusing on finding solutions and maintaining the overall well-being of the relationship.
  • Build trust through transparency and honesty, honoring commitments and being reliable in your interactions.

By following these steps for 21 days, you can cultivate healthy and fulfilling relationships, fostering deeper connections and enhancing overall well-being.

September 21 Days Goal- Exercise Regularly for a Healthy Mind-Body Connection:

Okay, I get it. The thought of hitting the gym might not be your idea of a good time. But fear not! There are plenty of fun ways to get moving. Dance like nobody’s watching in your living room, take your dog for a long walk (bonus points for pretending you’re in a superhero movie), or challenge your friends to a game of virtual tennis. Your mind and body will thank you. Here, are some steps to achieve this: 

  • Define your exercise goal, whether it’s to improve fitness, reduce stress, or boost energy levels.
  • Begin with manageable exercise sessions to build momentum and prevent overwhelm. Gradually increase intensity and duration over time.
  • Plan specific exercise times in your daily routine and treat them as non-negotiable appointments.
  • Choose exercises that you genuinely enjoy, whether it’s walking, dancing, cycling, or yoga. This increases the likelihood of sticking with the habit.
  • Incorporate variety in your workouts to keep things interesting and prevent boredom. Try different types of exercises, classes, or outdoor activities.
  • Exercise with a friend or join group classes to stay motivated, accountable, and enjoy the social aspect of exercising.
  • Be realistic about your fitness level and progress. Celebrate small wins and focus on gradual improvement rather than perfection.
  • Keep a record of your workouts, noting the exercises, duration, and how you feel afterward. This helps you see your progress and stay motivated.
  • Set up small rewards for reaching milestones or sticking to your exercise routine. Treat yourself to something enjoyable as a form of self-encouragement.
  • Recognize that exercise is an act of self-care and an investment in your well-being. Make it a priority and value its benefits for your mind and body.

By implementing these strategies for 21 days, you can turn regular exercise into a sustainable habit, promoting a healthy mind-body connection and overall well-being.

October 21 Days Goal- Set Boundaries and Learn to Say No:

You know that feeling when you’ve said “yes” to a million things and suddenly find yourself drowning in obligations? Yeah, let’s avoid that. It’s time to put on your superhero cape and set some boundaries. Say “no” when you need to, my friend. You can’t pour from an empty cup, so take care of yourself first. Here are the steps to implement: 

  • Determine what truly matters to you and align your decisions and commitments accordingly.
  • Understand your personal limits, including time, energy, and resources. Recognize when you’re reaching those limits and need to establish boundaries.
  • Tune in to your feelings and needs, and listen to your intuition when it’s time to say no or set boundaries.
  • Communicate your boundaries assertively and respectfully. Use “I” statements to express your needs and limitations without feeling guilty.
  • Begin by setting boundaries in low-stakes situations, gradually building confidence to establish boundaries in more challenging circumstances.
  • Recognize that it’s okay to ask for help or delegate tasks when you feel overwhelmed or when it’s not aligned with your priorities.
  • Prepare simple and polite responses to decline requests or offers that don’t align with your boundaries. Practice them to feel more comfortable saying no.
  •  Prioritize self-care and ensure you have time for rest, relaxation, and activities that recharge and rejuvenate you.
  • Seek the company of individuals who respect your boundaries and support your efforts to prioritize your well-being.
  • Acknowledge and celebrate each time you successfully set boundaries or say no, reinforcing the positive impact it has on your life.

By implementing these steps for 21 days, you can learn to set boundaries, say no when necessary, and create a healthier balance in your personal and professional life. Remember, setting boundaries is an act of self-care and a way to protect your well-being.

November 21 Days Goal- Disconnect from Technology Regularly:

Ah, the magical land of technology. It’s amazing, but let’s face it, it can also suck us into a never-ending vortex of emails, social media, and cute cat videos. Take some time each day to unplug and rediscover the beauty of the real world. Trust me, your eyes and mind will thank you. So, here are the steps to follow: 

  • Designate specific periods during the day when you disconnect from technology, such as meal times or before bed.
  • Designate certain areas in your home or workplace as tech-free zones, where you focus on activities without the distraction of devices.
  • Establish boundaries around technology use, such as avoiding screens during certain hours or limiting social media browsing to specific time slots.
  • Discover and engage in activities that don’t involve technology, such as reading, outdoor walks, hobbies, or spending time with loved ones.
  • Be mindful of your technology usage by observing how it affects your mood, productivity, and overall well-being. Use this awareness to make intentional choices.
  • Make a conscious effort to connect with others in person, engaging in meaningful conversations and building stronger relationships.
  • When using technology, be intentional about what you consume. Seek out content that inspires, educates, or uplifts you, and limit mindless scrolling.
  • Minimize distractions by turning off unnecessary notifications on your devices, allowing you to focus on tasks and be present in the moment.
  • Use your tech-free time to prioritize self-care activities like meditation, journaling, exercise, or simply relaxing and rejuvenating without screens.
  • Regularly reflect on how disconnecting from technology positively impacts your well-being, productivity, and overall happiness. Use this as motivation to continue the habit.

By following these steps for 21 days, you can cultivate a healthier relationship with technology, find balance, and enjoy the benefits of disconnecting regularly. Remember, the goal is to create space for mindfulness, self-care, and meaningful experiences in your life.

December 21 Days Goal- Engage in Creative Expression:

Who says creativity is just for kids? Embrace your inner artist, writer, or musician! Set aside some time to indulge in creative activities that make your heart sing. Pick up a paintbrush and create a masterpiece, strum a guitar and write a soulful song, or let your imagination run wild with a pen and paper. Remember, creativity is like a magic wand that can sprinkle some joy and color into your life. And here are the steps to achieve it: 

  • Discover the creative activity that resonates with you, whether it’s painting, writing, playing music, dancing, or any other form of expression.
  • Set aside dedicated time each day to engage in your chosen creative outlet. Treat it as a non-negotiable part of your routine.
  • Set up a space that encourages creativity, whether it’s a dedicated studio, a cozy corner in your home, or a digital platform for sharing your work.
  • Begin with small, manageable creative projects or exercises to build momentum and confidence in your abilities.
  • Let go of the need for perfection and focus on the joy of the creative process. Allow yourself to experiment, make mistakes, and learn along the way.
  • Surround yourself with inspiration by exploring the work of other artists, attending creative events, or immersing yourself in nature and different forms of art.
  • Consistency is key to developing your creative skills. Make it a habit to engage in creative expression every day, even if it’s just for a short period of time.
  • Approach your creative endeavors with a sense of playfulness and curiosity. Let go of self-judgment and allow yourself to explore and have fun.
  • Share your creative work with others, whether it’s with friends, online communities, or through local art events. Embrace feedback as an opportunity for growth.
  • Acknowledge and celebrate each step of your creative journey. Recognize the value of your unique expression and the personal growth it brings.

By following these steps for 21 days, you can tap into your creative potential, explore new forms of expression, and experience the joy and fulfillment that comes from engaging in creative activities. Allow yourself the freedom to express and discover the artist within you.


So there you have it, my friend! These 7 mid-year mental health resolutions are your golden ticket to a happier, healthier you. Embrace mindfulness, prioritize quality sleep, cultivate relationships, stay active, practice gratitude, set boundaries, seek help, disconnect, unleash your creativity, show self-compassion, and find work-life balance.

But let’s not forget the most important ingredient: fun and laughter. Life is too short to be serious all the time. So let your quirky side shine and embrace joy in every moment.

Remember, you’re capable of amazing things, and you deserve a life filled with happiness, well-being, and fulfillment. So go out there, rock those resolutions like a superstar! Here’s to a fantastic 2023 and beyond, where your mental health reigns supreme!

And here’s a pro tip: Once you’ve practiced a goal for 21 days, keep it up for the next 6 months. That’s how you turn it into a lasting habit.

Cheers to you, my friend, and to a future brimming with laughter, love, and all the good vibes life has to offer!

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