Emotion Wheel App

emotional wheel


The Emotion Wheel is a tool utilized to help grow your emotional understanding. You start with the most basic emotion you are feeling (e.g. sad, happy, angry, etc.) and progressively work outwards to find the most specific emotion you are feeling.


Accurately naming our emotions is the first step in being able to cope with them. Using the emotion wheel is a good way to be able to better learn, identify, and articulate our emotions. Once we do this, we may learn better what we really mean when we say we feel “bad.” More importantly, we can then use the specific emotion to pinpoint some event in our lives or thought in our head that is causing us to feel that specific way.


Start with the basics – look at the inner most ring of the emotion wheel. Decide which emotion you think you are feeling the most, and then tap on that one. If you need to go back, tap the white space in the center of the ring.

Wade into the specifics – Look at the NEW innermost ring. You will see a group of emotions that expands upon the first one you selected. Pick the one that best suits what you think you are feeling or tap in the center to go back to the start.

Find the elusive emotion – Now you are left with two options. Decide which one you think is more fitting. There are no right or wrong answers!

Once you have finished going through the steps and found what emotion you really are feeling, make a note of it to yourself, and document the journey from your most basic emotion to most specific. Also write down any events or thoughts that go with this emotion.