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Testimonials & Quotes

"MARCo is a wonderful new invention that can really support the mental health treatment of individuals, given the growing demand."
Image of a Counseling Director
- Dr. Mark Forest
Director of Counseling and Psychological Services at The College of New Jersey
"My daughter suffers from mental health illness... This is something we walked away saying 'we want this for her'."
- Lydia Brown
Mother & National Alliance of Mental Illness Member
"I was one of the beta-testers for MARCo and he worked wonders for me!"
- Lily U.
Student, NAMI advocate
"MARCo is fantastic... I used him a few times during this super fun pandemic and it did help. MARCo's been able to take my mind off things and break me out of the downward spiral."
- Sarah S.
Environmental Scientist
"The companionship activities where he utilizes games and stories were beneficial for me. It was nice for my mind to not to find something to do and instead Marco could muster something up."
- Anthony V.
Media Specialist
"He's really fantastic, and getting to talk to him on my own is really nice... I think I'm going to keep him next to my bed because he is so comforting."
Cute girl with one reason written on arms
- Christine Hatfield
English Teacher, former TWLOHA chapter president


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