MARCo Health and GuardBot Partner to Develop Cutting-Edge Social Companion Robots for Lonely Individuals

Stamford, CT – 08/12/2022 – MARCo Health Inc. and GuardBot Inc. today are thrilled to announce a joint-venture partnership to take on the growing challenges of at-home care for elderly and social support in the midst of social isolation through a line of cutting-edge social companion robots.

MARCo Health is a cutting-edge behavioral healthcare technology company that has spent the last five years pushing the envelope of highly advanced and compassionate social robots. GuardBot Inc. is an advanced robotics company that specializes in remote monitoring and networking for highly critical industries, such as security, military, and medical applications.

The partnership will combine MARCo Health’s expertise in social robotics with GuardBot Inc.’s expertise in remote monitoring and networking to create a new generation of social companion robots that can provide companionship, support, and care to lonely individuals, especially elderly living at home with no social support networks.

“We are excited to partner with GuardBot Inc. to develop these cutting-edge social companion robots,” said Jacob Boyle, CEO of MARCo Health. “Together, we can create robots that will provide much-needed companionship and support to the individual, while enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of our healthcare systems.”

“We are committed to using our technology to help people in need,” said Peter Muhlrad, President of GuardBot Inc. “We have worked on developing monitoring and support robots for several years now, and this partnership with MARCo Health is a fantastic step that allows us to accelerate our efforts 15-20 years into the future.”

The first generation of social companion robots developed by the partnership is expected to be available in 2023. The robots will be equipped with a variety of features, including:

  • The ability to engage in natural conversation
  • The ability to provide companionship and support
  • The ability to monitor the health and well-being of the user
  • The ability to connect the user with family, friends, and healthcare providers

The robots will be designed to be affordable, accessible, and easy to use. They will be available for purchase online and directly by contacting either company.

“We believe that these robots have the potential to make a real difference in the lives of lonely individuals,” said Boyle. “We are excited to bring them to market and help people connect with the people and things they love.”

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