Mindovational – Daily Mental Health Motivation

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Hello Mental Wellness

Make taking care of your mental health easy with this free daily motivational app for mental wellness. It’s available for free, ad free, for all devices, so all you have to worry about is taking care of your mental wellness.

Finally, a Daily Motivational App That Really Works

Goal Setting

Make improving your mental wellness easy with guided goal setting

Mood Tracking

Have a constant record of your daily moods to understand what makes you better

Earn Rewards

Track yourself as you complete your goals and reward yourself for improving your mental wellness

Support Community

Connect with others using the wellness app to motivate, support, and uplift one another!

One Account to Rule Them All

Easily sync your account to other wellness products, such as MARCo - the Mental Health Assisting Robot Companion. Sync accounts to your organization for personalized communities, too!

Free Forever

No tricks, no hidden fees, no paywall, no ads, no nothing but your mental wellness simplified.

Rock Your Mental Wellness

Start using the free mental wellness app Mindovational on all platforms and reach your mental health goals today!