Does my school offer MARCo?

We've partnered with schools in the U.S. to deliver high quality mental healthcare through MARCo to students. Find out if your school offers MARCo to get immediate access to MARConline and more.

Find out if your school offers MARCo here:

School Inquiry

Your School Offers MARCo!

Yes, SCHOOL_NAME does offer MARCo to its students. To start using MARConline, go to CUSTOM_URL, or to request a physical MARCo, ACTION.

Your school doesn't yet have MARCo...

But no need to worry! We offer a student bundle of MARConline for 3 years at 90% off! Click on the MARCo above to get registered.

I'm interested in bringing MARCo to my school...

If you work at a school and want to use MARCo for your students, we’d love to talk! Send us an inquiry below.