Lesser Known Tips on Stress Relief

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We are familiar with the regular stress relieving activities such as exercise, spending time on your hobbies or eating right etc, but here we share you some lesser known stress relieving activities. Here is the list of lesser known activities: 

  1. Go camping, campfires can be real fun! 

Beyond providing warmth and the perfect ambiance for marshmallow roasting, campfires offer an unexpected benefit: they have the power to reduce blood pressure. This discovery comes from a study led by Christopher Lynn, revealing that the mesmerizing dance of orange and gold flames holds more than just visual appeal.

  1. Spend more time with your most adorable pet! 

Here is what some studies reveal: 

  • Stress Relief through Pets: 95% of pet parents find solace and stress relief in their furry companions.
  • Pet Care Priority: A significant 69% of pet parents prioritize their pet’s well-being over their own.
  • Pet vs. TV: 70% prefer spending time with their pets over watching TV (30%) for relaxation.
  • Fitness Partners: Nearly half (47%) credit their pets for motivating them to stay physically active.
  • Productivity Boost: 70% of working pet owners believe having their pets at work, on-site or remotely, would increase their happiness and productivity.

Pet-Powered De-Stress Methods:

  • Snuggling (68%)
  • Evoking Laughter (67%)
  • Easing Loneliness (61%)

Pets aren’t just companions; they’re stress-busting, happiness-inducing superheroes in our lives.

But, that’s not all. We have some other activities to discuss more at length here. Want to know what they are? Read up….

  1. Ever heard of the simple Japanese Stress-Relief Method, Jin Shin Jyutsu?

  What is it and how to do it? More information is given here: 

  • Ancient Energy Practice: Jin Shin Jyutsu, originating in Japan, seeks to enhance body energy flow for healing
  • Flow for Wellbeing: This practice thrives on unblocking energy pathways, promoting health and wellness 
  • Handhold Healing: Hands are energy pathways; each finger corresponds to emotions, functions, and organs 
  • Finger Focus: Specific fingers relate to unique emotions, like the ring finger linked to sadness and decision-making 
  • Palm Connection: Palms link to overall happiness; applying thumb pressure can uplift spirits 
  • Try It Yourself: Hold each finger or thumb with the opposite hand for 1-2 minutes, feel the energy pulsate 

Unlocking the body’s energy for healing is in your hands. Discover the world of Jin Shin Jyutsu today!

  1. Another lesser known tip is to use Guided imagery to relieve stress

  Want to know how guided imagery can help you? Check out info here: 

  • Stress Relief and Depression Aid: Guided imagery practices are proven to lower stress and aid in treating depression
  • Activate Your Senses: Immerse yourself in mental images of calm settings, triggering sensory responses.
  • Create Inner Peace: Positive imagery cultivates a serene mental state, akin to a brief mental vacation.
  • Journey to Your Happy Place: Imagine being on a beach—feeling waves, smelling the ocean, and warm sand beneath you.
  • Guided or Solo: Access guided imagery through recordings or master it to practice independently.

Simple Self-Guided Steps:

  1. Close your eyes for a minute.
  2. Envision a peaceful scene.
  3. Engage your senses; feel truly present.
  4. After a few minutes, open your eyes and rejoin the present.
  5. Elevate your mental landscape with guided imagery – your journey to tranquility begins within.


So, stress relief goes beyond the conventional methods we’re familiar with. Exploring these lesser-known activities can open new doors to tranquility and well-being. Whether it’s the warmth of a campfire, the comfort of your pet’s presence, the ancient wisdom of Jin Shin Jyutsu, or the power of guided imagery, there are numerous paths to finding peace and reducing stress in our lives. So, take the time to explore these hidden treasures and discover what works best for you in your journey toward a stress-free, balanced life.

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