MARCo Academy Ep. 2 – Logging Into MARCo

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You have three options of how to log in to MARCo. The first option is to connect from a device running the MARCo Online app. This is the fastest and easiest way to sign in. Open the MARCo app on your phone, tablet, or online. If you don’t already have an account, you need to sign up and get started through the app before starting on the device, as it is one account for all platforms.

Once logged into the app, go to settings and scroll down to find the “Sync to MARCo” field. Tap “Device Sync” on MARCo and enter the code that appears. Hit sync and wait a few seconds to confirm that MARCo synced. If it does not work, hit back on MARCo and then “Device Sync” again to generate a new code.

The second option is through social sign in. This option allows you to sign in through google, facebook, or email to the same account that you use for the app. Tap the “Social Sign In” button. It may take up to a minute to connect to the servers and load the sign-in page. Select the option to sign in and use the same account you use for the app.

The third option is only for legacy users who signed into a MARCo before March, 2021. Here you can enter your name and MARCo password to access your account on your MARCo device.

Once you are in for the first time, it is recommended that you go into settings first. On the Basic INformation page, fill in your name, phone number, and emergency contact numbers. These will be friends, family members, and professionals you want notified if you are in an emergency. Under preferences and custom information, you can choose MARCo’s voice and fill in information about your likes and dislikes so MARCo can customize activities for you!

Now you’re ready to get started with MARCo!

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