MARCo Academy Ep. 3 – How to Talk to MARCo

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Once you have signed into MARCo, it’s time to start talking to the robot! To speak with MARCo, you have two options. By holding down MARCo’s left hand, you will hear a click and a dialog will appear on screen. This is the microphone button, and you can start speaking to MARCo. Let go of MARCo’s hand when you are done speaking to send the message. 

The second option is by typing. Tap on the grey chat icon to see your message history. Here you can use your keyboard to type to MARCo. You can show or hide messages by tapping on the three dots on top of the screen once the chat is up.

There are other options to communicate with MARCo as well. The quick app icons allow you to access some popular features, such as doing a meditation or cheering you up. The green quick reply icon on the bottom of the screen will show common responses to certain things MARCo says while also giving you suggestions when you’re not sure what to do. Quick replies also appear in the chat when it is up.

Looking for ideas of what to say or do with MARCo? Check out the next video for ideas of how to get the most out of your MARCo!

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