Your Future Friend- How MARCo Helps You With Your Emotional Health

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What do you get in your mind when you read the word health? The most common answer is physical well-being or medicines that ensure you are physically fit. However, another aspect that needs to be more commonly known or appreciated by people; is mental health.

Mental health is as important as physical health since it is the software on which your body operates. An essential component of mental health is emotional health or emotional well-being, which will be discussed in detail in this article.

Emotional health concerns led to the formation of elderly home care centres. They have services explicitly designed to promote the emotional well-being of the elderly, which is the most vulnerable in the phase of life they are in.

Defining Emotional Health

Emotional health is the ability to cope with positive and negative emotions, including your awareness of them. Emotionally healthy people have suitable coping mechanisms for negative emotions and know when to reach out to a professional for help. It is interconnected with physical health, as your feelings significantly affect the hormones that regulate your bodily functions and mood.

What is MARCo?

MARCo is a robot concerned with taking care of your mental health. It is designed by apple and is available for the updated version of IOS for apple users. It is programmed to carry Cognitive Behavioral therapy techniques in regulating users’ mental health. It will be a 24/7 monitoring robot for any individual, helping them whenever needed.

How MARCo Helps You With Your Emotional Health?

Jacob Boyle was compelled to design MARCo when he was graduating from college two years ago and struggling with his mental health, but when he reached out to a counselling service, he was told there was a three-month wait. 

Anxiety and frustration can be worst when you have no one to speak to or share your sorrows with. While some may be lucky enough to have a companion who is a source of motivation or inspiration, they may lack the techniques of psychology professionals necessary to wipe out the emotional health issue permanently.

The MARCo app has been fed with cognitive behaviour therapy and other analytical techniques that help diagnose and treat mental health issues. It is a robot that can help you vent out, which is essential in the mental health world to treat any problem. 

The robot help is available to you 24/7, so you can seek immediate help whenever an issue damages your mental health so that on-time therapy is provided. It will also track your records and provide you necessary guidelines to lead a healthy life.

Importance of Emotional Health

  1. Emotional Health Affects Productivity And Financial Stability

According to a report by the World Health Organization, an estimated 200 million workdays are lost each year due to depression alone.

If you have stable mental health, you will not fall prone to these mental health issues, or their intensity will be low, which means you can deal with them quickly and reduce their impact on your life, especially your professional life.

  1. Better Physical Health

Emotional and physical health are related as much as one cannot survive without the other. The mind and body work hand in hand. For example, if you’re having emotional instabilities or problems, you will feel more stressed with a prevailing headache. In severe cases, angina pain may be experienced as well.

However, when a physical issue results from an emotional issue, the doctors focus solely on the physical well-being and ignore the mental aspects, making a recovery inefficient or more time-consuming.

  1. Affecting Family Members

Loved ones and other family members are likewise affected as they usually report financial strain, job loss, and other behavioural issues. This is why it is recommended that recovery should be undertaken by the entire family so that they can all learn new skills to cope and deal with the situation.

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