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How Long Should I Be in Therapy For Depression and My Mental Health? 3 Stages of Depression Therapy Explained

“How long should I be in therapy?” It is such a common question when starting on depression therapy, but a straightforward answer is hard to get. “You can’t come to therapy forever.” That’s what one of my close friend’s therapist … Read More

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How to Cope with COVID Anxiety and Strengthen Your Mental Health for a Post-COVID Future With 4 Easy and Effective Methods

If there is a good question that sums up this year so far, it must be “Why is everything so hard right now?” 2020 seems to be just one string of stressful world events after another, let alone whatever personal … Read More

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Effective Ways to Manage Anxiety and Depression During The Coronavirus Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has been devastating for the entire world. And the most damaging aspect of the pandemic is invisible, which is the psychological and emotional toll it has taken on people. Coronavirus Anxiety & Depression is most affected by … Read More

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